the art of instinctive cooking

What I Do

Everything I do at The Cobbled Kitchen is focussed on you and your cooking - what do you want to learn or achieve in your cooking, or, is there a way I can simply make life easier for you? 

Maybe you need to get your teenager equipped with some skills before they go off to university, your kids confident in the kitchen at home or you're just looking for a gift voucher for someone who loves (or loathes!) cooking - I can help with all of those!

ONE-TO-ONE:  Bespoke Cobbled Kitchen Cookery Class in your own home

  • Have a think about what it is you'd like to learn or improve on. Any sort of savoury cooking, family dinners or time saving cooking. Either give me a call to chat through your ideas or go to the Booking page, fill in your requests and I'll be in touch! I will then devise a bespoke session just for you to meet your particular needs. We will book a 2 to 2 1/2 hour session in your home kitchen with me at your side, guiding you while cooking. By the end, you will have several dishes made and greater confidence to cook again! I will also leave you with written notes as well as suggested store-cupboard ingredients worth getting in for future cooking. There is also the option of sharing this experience with one or two others, should you wish.

COOKERY COURSE:  Cobbled Kitchen Classes

  • I offer a 2 or 3-part bespoke beginner's cookery course which can be booked in on dates that suit you. This option will provide you with a longer term sense of cookery confidence as you gain more new skills but will focus on your needs and desires, e.g: gluten free, high protein, family food, vegetarian, etc. After each 2 hour session you will be left with 3-5 delicious dishes ready to eat, keep or freeze for another time. Give me a call or fill in the Booking page and then await my call to chat through the details!

GROUP SESSION:  Cobbled Together Social

  • Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit more social, why not book me to come and teach you and some friends (from 4 to 10 people max) to cook, then leave you to eat your meal together? Simply decide what you'd like to make, (curries? one-pot-wonders? etc) and I will devise a bespoke session for you all. Advisory notes will also be available for each participant.

COBBLED TOGETHER cookery club:

  • Check out the Cobbled Together page for the latest set of themed classes. These are held within school hours during the week here at The Cobbled Kitchen (my home). Groups are limited to just 6 and everybody gets actively involved in producing a range of different savoury foods ready to take home! Great fun, sociable, "you-time".


  • Children's cookery classes for primary (min age 6) and secondary school children during the school holidays. See the Kids-a-Cobbling page for the latest themed classes, dates and times. These are also held here at The Cobbled Kitchen.

  • Student Survival Skills - in the kitchen! If you know of a young person about to go off to college or university, why not treat them to a cookery class or two, maybe with some of their friends, and rest assured that they will learn how to feed themselves healthily and on a budget. One less thing to worry about!

  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze (Skills) Award - a 7 part course taking place on scheduled Saturdays during the academic year (Spring Term) to help support 14+ yr olds towards their Bronze Award in Cooking. All elements of Food Safety and Hygiene, Baking and Healthy Eating will be covered in a fun and hands-on way. Call me for more details or see the Kids-a-Cobbling page.


  • Another option is to treat a friend or relative with a Gift Voucher. Vouchers are available for Adults (1:1s or Cobbled Together) and Children (Kids-a-Cobbling holiday classes).

  • Gift Vouchers remain valid for 6 months after the purchase date.