I understand that sometimes real life gets in the way - the diary can suddenly change and children do get ill.


Sessions do need to be booked and paid in full before the Cobbling takes place.  This can be done online or with cheque/cash.  Your place is not secured until payment has been made.


If you do have to cancel, 50% of the total will be returned if cancellation is made anytime up to 2 weeks before the session.

If you need to cancel up to 48 hrs before the session, then you will receive a voucher to be used at any future Cobbled Together session(s).

Sessions cancelled less than 48hrs beforehand will be fully chargeable.

If you want me to shop for your ingredients, travel a significant distance or come and do a consultation before the session, these will be chargeable but I will always discuss this with you first.

Please note that if you have suffered from or been in contact with any sickness/diarrhoea in the 72 hours prior to your course we would ask that you do not attend and we will offer you a place on the next convenient session.


I understand that children get ill at the most inconvenient moments!  If your child is unable to attend a course due to illness, we are happy to offer them a place on another course when they are better.  If you realise your child is unable to attend for reasons other than illness, the full price will be charged if less than 72 hours notice is given.

We cannot have children in the Kids-A-Cobbling sessions if they have had, or have been in contact with any sickness/diarrhoea in the previous 72 hours. 

Please do not bring your child to the session if they have any open infected sites on their body - please call me to discuss if necessary

If your child has a cough/cold please be cautious about sending them Cobbling - if your child is under the weather it's unlikely that they'll get the most out of their session and we try to avoid any cross contamination.

Re-heating food

It is your responsibility to ensure that any food that you have taken home from The Cobbled Kitchen is kept appropriately (chilled/frozen etc) and, if necessary, reheated thoroughly.  I will provide you with appropriate chilling, storing and reheating guidance after all Cobbled Together and Kids-a-Cobbling classes.