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Cobbled Together Cookery Club

Come and join our Cobbled Together sessions which run during the day for adults wishing to learn new skills, grow in cooking confidence and leave with some extra meal time ideas.  We cook, chat, laugh and eat together with "all hands on deck", producing food ready to take home and try out on your loved ones, or freeze for another day. 

The focus is on healthy, cobbled meals which you can adapt according to your tastes and needs.  We don't follow recipes but you will take home some printed "ingredient lists" and guidance to help you reproduce the dishes at home in your own time.

Everything is provided for you.  All you need to bring is a few lidded takeaway tubs for you to carry home your food! (You don't have to do any clearing up either!!)

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Autumn 2019

September to December 2019 - Cobbled Together classes:

Mon 9 Sep / Wed 18 Sep / Thu 26 Sep / We 2 Oct / Fr 11 Oct

Wed 16 Oct / Thu 24 Oct / Wed 6 Nov / Mon 11 Nov

Thu 21 Nov / Mon 25 Nov / Wed 4 Dec / Tue 10 Dec

All classes to be held from 12 noon until 2pm here in my own kitchen.

Themes and main focus for each class to chosen by those committed to joining and booking the class.  (See below for some ideas, but bring your own needs and wants too!)  Call or email me if you are interested in any of these dates and let me know what you'd like to learn to make.  I will try to accommodate you as much as possible but I will ultimately decide the lesson content based on everybody's various comments.

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Below are some ideas of the classes that have run in the past, but these can be tweaked or combined in order to fit you and your group.

"Ready, Steady, Cook!"  - a surprise bag of ingredients to really test your cobbling skills!

"Reducing Carbs, Increasing Veg" - interesting ways to use alternatives to pasta, bread and potatoes without upsetting the whole family!

"Hidden Goodies" - how to sneak vitamins, greens, wholegrain etc into kids food!

"Family Favourites" - simple mid-week dinners

"Chicken Tonight" - what else can you do with chicken? Whole, leg, breast, minced, with/without bones/skin...

"Quick Curries" - authentic, tasty curries without EVER needing to buy a jarred sauce again!

"Dairy Free" - how to rustle up easy mid-week dinners without the cheese, cream and milk!

"Versatile Veggies" - unusual, delicious things to do with veg whether as a side dish or main for vegetarians. (Even carnivores will love these!)

"Super Soups" - once you've got the basics, a soup is always easy and nutritious

"One Pot Wonders" - these fabulous time-savers go down well any time of year for all the family and for special occasions

"Sides and Salads" - fed up with lettuce, cucumber and tomato? Learn new ways to create quick, colourful salads and side dishes, sometimes with just 1or 2 ingredients!

"Mince Again" - Spag bol, chilli and shepherd's pie; check.  What else?!

"Larder Dinners" - When the fridge is empty and you only have what's left in the cupboard - make sure it's a well stocked cupboard and I'll show you how to make something from nothing!

"Sauces and Gravy" - these trouble a lot of people but I'll show you how to create these from virtually nothing!  Again, no more ready made jars, ever!

"Pasta Partners" - increase your repertoire! Some alternative sauces and fresh pestos for pasta dishes 

"Lovely Leftovers" - learn to love leftovers - they're money in the bank and time on the clock, as well as short cuts to delicious new meals

"Roasted" - special, comforting, beautiful - pick up a few more tricks to creating amazing roast dinners!

"Finger Food" - whether for parties or picky eaters, this class solves a multitude of problems!

"Middle Eastern" - my favourite! Learn to use spices, fruits, herbs and vegetables in gorgeous and impressive looking dishes

"Paella" - I used to live in Spain.  Say no more!  Totally authentic meat, seafood and veggie paellas. (Weather permitting, we'll do this outdoors!)

"Taste of Thailand" - ginger, garlic, chilli, lemon grass, coriander, coconut - can you smell it yet?

"A whole Summer of feeding the kids!" - quick, easy, lunches and dinners, snacks and picnics to help make the long summer holidays a little less stressf

If you have any other ideas, do let me know; 

- I love to learn new things too!

07812 599492


All sessions are 2 hours and take place at The Cobbled Kitchen - address below.

Pre-booking is essential - Cobbled Together days sell out fast!