Here at The Cobbled Kitchen, I want to help you cook as people cooked years ago, without recipes, without fuss and using whatever you happen to have in already. 

Bespoke cookery lessons in your own home!

Cooking from scratch will soon become very easy to you, indeed.


the art of instinctive cooking


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Are you feeling stressed about feeding yourself or your family well?  
Are you having to make different meals for different tastes in your family?
Or maybe you are a foodie who loves to cook but would like to branch out and try something different?

Look no further for confidence boosting

Cookery Classes.

I want to re-awaken that instinctive understanding of what flavours will work together and to give you the confidence to just try things out.  I will help you to prepare and share food with family and friends by creating meals that use your own tastes and ideas to produce a dish that may well be "cobbled together", but always delicious and nutritious. 

And all this can take place in the comfort of your own home, where I will guide you through every step - no need to keep checking cookbooks and internet recipes, no more disappointing results.

Feel your confidence and instinct to cook grow!
  • Genuine, reassuring and practical guidance is here to help you; 
  • Fun and inspiring cookery lessons;
  • No more recipes and long lists of ingredients or extra shopping trips;
  • Just instinct, confidence and flair!
  • Cooking from scratch at home can be really easy with no set rules to have to follow! 
  • It's cheaper and always healthier too;
  • Cookery lessons without the dogmatic theory, examinations or hoops to jump!
Take your time to look through the type of food and range of services I have to offer.  I look forward to hearing from you and providing a bespoke culinary experience just for you.