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Help your child/teen to become (instinctively) Food Smart!


  • Calling all Sixth Form Leavers - learn to feed yourself and survive college/university!

Summer Student Survival course - to be held at Verulam School, St Albans, Herts (Food Tech room).  Book onto a 3 day course where you will learn all you need for living away from home while at Uni or college.  This includes how to:

  1. shop on a budget;
  2. choose ingredients wisely;
  3. what young people need to eat to keep their brains and bodies healthy;
  4. make healthy, fresh food with sometimes limited cooking facilities;
  5. batch-cooking for freezing/storing and saving you time to get on with your studies!
  6. even, how to impress your friends and cook for them too!

Course consists of 3 x 3hr sessions over 3 days in the first week of school summer holidays.  £55.00 per person per session.  You can book onto 1, 2 or all 3 of the sessions.

Call me to discuss details or book your place(s) here.


  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award (14+ yr olds) - learn a new skill - Cooking

I am delighted to be running this course again for the third year.  A 7-part course for those wishing to gain a new skill for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Skills Award.  Classes will last 2hrs each on 7 Saturday's in the spring term 2018, which will provide all the content requirements for the Bronze Award. [Do contact me for more details.] 

Students must also check with their Leader regularly throughout the process to verify their efforts over the three month period.

To support whatever the students will be doing at home or elsewhere during the 3 months, these classes will provide both the theoretical and practical side of cooking.

They will take place here in my own home, at The Cobbled Kitchen, St Albans, Herts.

All sessions take place from 2pm until 4pm.  Students will be cooking various dishes at each session and will need to bring several lidded takeaway tubs to carry home their food as well as an apron each.  

£245.00 per student for all 7 sessions.  This can be paid in full or in 3 instalments of £75 (also deposit), £85 and £85.


  1. Sat 13 Jan, 2018 = "Food Safety and Hygiene"
  2. Sat 27 Jan,  2018 = cont/d
  3. Sat 10 Feb, 2018 = "Catering and Baking"
  4. Sat 24 Feb, 2018 = cont/d
  5. Sat 10 Mar, 2018 = "Healthy Eating"
  6. Sat 24 Mar, 2018 = cont/d
  7. Sat 7 Apr, 2018 = "The Great Cobbled Cook Off!"      

Call me to discuss details or book your place(s) here.


  • Kids-a-Cobbling School Holiday Cookery Classes:

  • Children's Gift Vouchers now available!

I offer cookery classes for primary and secondary school aged children (min age 6) in my home kitchen.  [If your child is younger but would still love to cook with me, I would need an extra adult with me - you are very welcome to stay and help out!]

These sessions combine learning with hands-on fun in producing healthy, savoury food which the children can bring home for you to eat, share and feel confident to try again in your own kitchen.

Each session includes all ingredients and utensils, recipe notes for participants to collect and, of course, the goodies they have made to bring home.  Children will also learn how to sort compostable rubbish from recyclable, wash and tidy up - an important part of all cooking!

Choose either the scheduled School Holiday classes (details below) or create your own Bespoke Kids-a-Cobbling Class for a group of friends (min 4, max 6) to be booked on a weekday (either 10am - 12 or 12 noon - 2pm) or a Saturday (time to be discussed).  For Bespoke Kids-a-Cobbling, please email or call me before placing your booking.

Examples of Kids-a-Cobbling Themes:

  • The Kids are Cooking Tonight - healthy and impressive 3 course meal
  • FakeAways - healthy, homemade versions of takeaway favourites
  • Getting Stuffed - a range of savoury stuffed mains, sides and nibbles
  • Veggie Delights - from curry to humous, all sorts to get kids into veg
  • Easter Eggs - learning the various culinary uses of eggs in savoury cooking
  • Summer Picnic - tasty, easily portable, hot and cold lunches and snacks
  • Healthy Brunches for Active Kids - energy balls, salads and protein rich breakfasts
  • Eat the Rainbow - rainbow salads and slaws, traffic light chicken, earthy roasted roots
  • Nuggets of Gold under the Rainbow - breaded chicken bites, healthy salads
  • Kebabs and Koftas - all sorts of meatballs and kebabs
  • Valentine Delights - lots of red and heart-shapes; inc beetroot soup and roasted potato and rosemary hearts
  • Christmas Delights - seasonal nibbles and party food for family and friends
  • Halloween Treats - spooky foods including Witch's Brew Soup and Wriggly Worm Nests!
  • Pasta Partners - 3 varied sauces to go perfectly with pasta, all homemade from scratch
  • Italian Favourites - Bolognese, mini pizzas, antipasti and more
  • Asian Odyssey - from curry to pakoras, rice and dahl


Kids-a-Cobbling Calendar - 2018

SUMMER Kids-a-Cobbling classes!

[£30 per child - max 6 children per class]

Tuesday 21 August or Wednesday 22 August

"Italian Favourites"

A culinary and historical journey around Italy where children will learn the origins of dishes and how easily they can be adapted at home.  It's not all about pasta, but the kids will truly love this one, bringing home a share of all the savoury (meat, fish and veggie) dishes we make. 

Wednesday 29 August or Thursday 30 August

"Eat the Rainbow"

Children will learn the importance of vegetables and fruits in their diets, focussing on including as many different natural colours as possible in order to ensure a broad intake of vitamins and minerals.  Much of this will be vegetarian (but not exclusively) and definitely beautiful and tasty! 


Pixie Pies - Summer 2015

Book now as places fill up fast!!

Only £30 per child!

That's £15/hr for Child Edu-Care!

[However, if each session does not have a minimum of 4 children booked by 48hrs before the scheduled date, it will be cancelled or postponed.]

All sessions run from 2pm till 4pm (unless otherwise indicated)

Please arrive at least 10 mins before 2pm so a prompt start can be assured.

Please bring a large cake tin or box and/or several lidded takeaway tubs for children to carry their produce home safely.  Oh, and an apron (but I do have a few spares)!

Limited places available so early booking is recommended!

I'll also have some gorgeous "Egglings" for sale - perfect gifts for budding foodies and gardeners.  £7 each for various "grow your own" herbs, spices and fruits which grow out of porcelain egg shaped pots.