Bespoke Cobbled Kitchen Classes (1-3ppl)

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Bespoke Cobbled Kitchen Classes (1-3ppl)

from 115.00

I run as many different cookery classes as people I teach!  I do have 10 set Cobbled Kitchen themes to make it easier for you if you cannot decide what you’d like to learn and these can be tweaked or combined.  Whatever you decide, it's always totally bespoke to you.

Each is based on personal tuition from me and can take place at either The Cobbled Kitchen or your own home/venue of choice.

Each class is between 2 and 2 1/2 hours long.  You could also build a course of more sessions spread over several dates.


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Each of my Cobbled Kitchen Workshops follows my belief in making delicious food without recipes.  Content will vary seasonally and I can adjust the workshops to accommodate allergies and dislikes.

Choose from:

  • Ready, Steady, Cook!

  • Super Soups

  • Larder Dinners

  • One Pot Wonders

  • Hidden Goodies

  • Fun Finger Food

  • Mince Again!

  • Sides and Salads

  • Hurried Curries

  • Lovely Leftovers

You can find an overview of the workshops here and as ever, please contact me if you'd like me to adjust something or you would like some more information